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ISO 7308, DIN 51524 Teil 3, PSA B71 2710

Special mineral-oil-based hydraulic fluid for hydraulically supported level control systems,

hydropneumatic suspension systems as well as power-assisted steering and brake systems.

Excellently suited for central hydraulic systems of PSA vehicles (dyed green for ease of identification).

Service temperature range: -40 °C to + 100 °C

Art.-No.:     30501

Packing units:     1x 200 L     1x 60 L     1x 20 L     12x 1 L

HLP 46

Premium-quality hydraulic fluid formulated with a powerful

additive package to inhibit corrision, wear, ageing and friction, Highly

effective EP additives guarantee excellent load carrying capacity.

Art.-No.:     30006

Packing units:     1x 200 L     1x 60 L     1x 20 L       12x 1 L


Removes deposits on injection valves, on intake valves, spark plugs and in the combustion chamber

and prevents new deposits forming. Cares for all parts of the petrol injection system.

Protects the whole fuel system from corrosion. Improves the gas acceptance and the compression.

Optimizes the exhaust gas values and the performance of the engine.

Clean engine consumes less fuel and emit fewer pollutants.

Art.-No.:     8250365

Packing units:     20x 250 mL

Octan Booster

Execllent treatment for Octane boosting and performance enhancement.

Recommended for poor -quality gasoline. Safe for catalyst converters.

Protect valve seats at unleaded gasoline.

Start improves and full branch drive behaves. Provide an even and smoother neutral.

Sufficent for up to 45 litres of fuel.

Art.-No.:     8250366

Packing units:     20x 250 mL